Medicine, a key degree to be at a top university

Total 31 Spanish universities managed to rank among the top 1,200 academic institutions in the world according to ranking of QS Topuniversities. Of these, the common feature of most is this They offer a degree in medicine. In particular, among the 500 best in the world are 12 Spanish universities, of which eight offer a degree in medicine. To these positions we must add that six first universities to appear in the rankingsamong the 200 best in the world, include in their offer of training the degree of medicinethis is a common point between all of them.

In this line, it stands out as among the 31 Spanish universities 24 offer a degree in medicine, like other polytechnic or specialized institutions in the fields of law and humanities.

In addition, the new classification, published for 2023, is a novelty in the distribution of institutions, with the increase in Autonomous University of Barcelona in the first place, thus overthrowing the leader in recent years at the University of Barcelona.

Classification of Spanish universities

The negative part of the classification is given by the position of the Spanish institutions, as the first to appear, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​appears only up to position 178, with a score of 45.8 out of a total of 100 possible points. Thus, among the 200 best universities only the first two universities will be positionedthe already mentioned autonomous community of Barcelona together with University of Barcelona.

To find the third Spanish institution, the ranking falls to position 215, where Autonomous University of Madrid. Behind her, at position 226, stands Complutense University of Madridfollowed closely by Pompeu Fabra Universityin heading 233. All these institutions present a health education offer, with diplomas in medicine and nurses.

The level international, the classification puts the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in first place, followed by the University of Cambridge and in third place, the American University of Stanford. Thus, it should be noted that among the top 10 universities in the world, 5 are from the United States, four British and one Swiss, ETH Zurich.

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