Meet Cesar Caballero, the medical student who cleaned the windshields, managed to become a doctor thanks to a viral video | entertaining pop culture

Cesar David Caballero is a young man from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, a graduate of the Institute of Science and Higher Education of Mexico (ICEST).

While a student, he went viral to clean windshields in his doctor’s uniform, and his history has been closely followed ever since.

The young man who inspires with his efforts and dedication

In 2016, Cesar became famous through the video that a person uploaded on social networks; in it we can see the student on a night cruise, dressed in a medical uniform and cleaning the windshields of vehicles.

The man who enrolled asked him why he dressed as a doctor and asked for financial support for cruise ships, to which the boy reported that he cleaned the windshields of the car to pay for his career and even showed his student ID.

The drivers urged the student to continue working hard and gave him a scholarship of 50 pesos ($ 2.44).

From windshield wipers to a surgeon

Now, on May 22, 2022, Cesar is posting a photo of his graduation on his social media; 6 years later he managed to become a doctor.

In the mentioned publication we find a congratulatory message from the man who wrote it years ago, to which Cesar reacted:

“Thank you very much, we know in advance that I owe much of this to you and your brother,” Cesar replied to C. Hernández.

However, the consumer insisted that he did not owe him anything, as this was only an act of good heart:

“You don’t owe me anything carnalito, we did it with a good heart and without asking for anything in return,” said Hernandez.

In the same way, we learned that this person continued to visit him and did not miss the opportunity to express public congratulations on his own profile:

“I’ve seen him many times and I’m happy and I think he does too and I’ve always told him just don’t give up, try and HE DID IT. Every effort has its reward, congratulations to Cesar Caballero, I think the success continues, my doctor. I hope that in a few months or years you will have your own office, “wrote C. Hernández.

Among the comments, users of the social network expressed their congratulations and pointed to the boy as an example of improvement.

“I still remember this cuate video, an example of overcoming this man who, despite not having the means, managed to get it right.”

The impact of the virus on Facebook

However, thanks to this publication, we learned that due to the virality of the news, the young man received help from many people and even received a scholarship with which he can pay for his education.

“The news went viral that it even appeared on national television and I did it without the slightest intention of asking for anything in return and even less to mock or burn it, and thanks to that many people helped him and even gave him a scholarship for payment for their training, “said Hernandez

In a Facebook post, Cesar shared a message in honor of his parents, who unfortunately died and could not see him become a doctor.

He also thanked all the sacrifices he had made for him in his life.

“Education, like values, starts at home. Many of the virtues we have have been acquired by our parents, those who, in addition to shelter, clothing, and food, have given us knowledge. Today, I thank my parents for all the sacrifices they have made for me, even though I didn’t even realize it, I appreciate your moral support, “said Cesar Caballero.

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