Minister Kohan argued for the telemedicine project, saying that “if medicine is not appropriate in time, it is not effective medicine”

This Wednesday morning, the Social Legislation Commission met with an invitation from Health Minister Mario Cohan to discuss two projects that were favorably managed by a majority, determining a position in the minority hall.

The first was related to the Framework Agreement on Adhesion, Cooperation and Cooperation with the Special Medicines Bank and its Annex, signed between the Ministries of Health of the Nation and the Province.

The second of the executive initiatives discussed is the one that regulates the Provincial System for Unified Digital Clinical History and the Telemedicine System in the Province of La Pampa.

In his presentation, Minister Kohan expressed the importance of adopting a law on telemedicine: “It is a tool that expands the rights in demand to offer speed of treatment.” And he argues, “If the drug is not appropriate in time, it is not an effective drug.”

“When I was called to start working in the ministry, we started working in telemedicine, but now it is important to have a law to strengthen this practice,” the minister said.

For his part, Kohan stressed that the law would help a fairer health care system. “We have a province with a significant territorial expansion and low population density, which obviously makes it impossible to have specialized doctors at any point. Today, the clinician, wherever he is, has the support of all medical specialists and this is thanks to telemedicine. In this way, we are expanding the capacity for authorization, “said the official.

In this sense, he stressed that the state has the opportunity to have more professionals without resorting to increasing staff. “It means a lot of savings for the province,” he said.

He was later asked about the connectivity and infrastructure that La Pampa has to implement telemedicine. To this, Kohan replied: “The province has come a long way in connectivity and continues to do so. Telemedicine does not require great technology, in fact we can solve situations via mobile phone.

He was also consulted on the application of the digital recipe. Cohan noted that “85% of recipes today are digital. We are in a complete process of digitization.

Finally, he stressed that through the digital medical file, “we will have an enrichment of information, always taking care of this information.”

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