New residency in the hospital: General and / or family medicine

In order to continue to contribute to vocational training in mental health through a holistic approach, Nacional en Red Hospital “Lic. Laura Bonaparte ”opens the residence in general and / or family medicine.

This new residence is a 4-year service specialization program aimed at training professionals to develop their practice within the primary health care strategy, in accordance with ethical principles and taking a proactive attitude and respect for the autonomy of consumers who go through health system.

The hospital has a working imprint based on the integrity of care approaches, interdisciplinary teamwork and cross-sectoral strategies. For this reason, starting vocational training in this framework will contribute to the nurturing of universal profiles with valid and unique training in the specialty of General and / or Family Medicine. This is a new proposal based on the experience of the Interdisciplinary Mental Health Residence, which has been operating since 2013.

In this sense, the new residence joins the disciplines of psychology, psychiatry, occupational therapy, nursing, social work and music therapy of the institution. For both competitions, registration is open until June 24.

As a reference center for mental health and after consolidating as a training hospital, Bonaparte Hospital will host a new residence to continue to contribute to the theoretical and practical training of health professionals.

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