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The Washington Capitals lost their sixth game in the DC to the Florida Panthers, and losing in overtime meant their season was over. A fate from the first round, to which we are all too accustomed from the wonderful, fantastic summer of 2018.

The last morning issues are published until October. All rock.

  • I will use this first bullet just to thank you for reading them after each game. I’m sure not everyone agrees with every word I say about the team, but you are still reading and I appreciate that. Thanks to Ian and Peter for giving me the opportunity to do these posts every season. Thanks to KP for the great title image. We will release this thing again in October. I’m not sure how “numerically” we’ll get here, but now to the actual game.
  • Kaps had to win five of the games in this series, which is why this series is the most disappointing for me after winning the Cup. They looked like a really good team and they did it without the man who was analytically their best striker all season. Just crazy nonsense. It wasn’t just another elimination game collapse in which they looked ignorant, they really made an effort that had to be good enough to win. fourteen chances of great danger at five on five against eight on the Panthers.
  • Ilya Samsonov it really deserves a tribute to your efforts in this series. Certainly this goal by Giroud was difficult to enter, but he was absolutely elite in all the matches in which he played. I don’t know what he brings out of season for the current Caps goalkeepers, as they are both limited free agents. Can the organization ignore the months of play before Samsonov intervened in this series? I have no idea.
  • I think people can overdo it John Carlson sometimes because I think he’s objectively a “good to great” defender. It’s just that his blunders have historically been the most expensive in the worst of times, as evidenced by the many cases in this series. When he is bad, he is very bad. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, so the screams and shouts about him will probably be all that remains, at least in my opinion.
  • Connor McMichael played 3:19 total ice time in this match. I know some of you hate that I’m even talking about it right now. Would he be the difference? no. Do I hope he has a much bigger role next season? Hmm, right.
  • Here’s a list of guys we may have last seen with the Capitals sweater, as they are unlimited free agents this summer. Marcus Johansson, John Larson, Justin Schultz, Michal Kempny, Matt Irwin, Phoenix Copley, Shane Gersich and Brian Pinho. From this group, I think only Larson needs to be contacted to return. I really liked the fourth row with it.

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