One in four patients admitted to internal medicine is malnourished

One in 4 patients admitted to internal medicine is malnourished and up to 20 percent are malnourished during hospitalization, according to internists from the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI). National Nutrition Day which is celebrated on May 28.

For this reason, they drew attention to the importance of nutrition in maintaining the good health of the general population, as well as in preventing complications during hospital admission, emphasizing that the nutritional assessment of the person admitted to the hospital, along with others assessments and / or tests required. In this sense, they remind the general population that “a healthy diet is essential for good health, well-being and quality of life.”

“One in four patients admitted to internal medicine is malnourished. And 20 percent are malnourished during hospitalization. We know that this leads to higher morbidity and mortality and longer hospital stays. For this reason, the evolution of our patients is crucial for early diagnosis and treatment, “insisted SEMI internist, Mayka Mafé.

In turn, his double Navarre gemstone ensures that maintaining good nutritional status is essential for optimal maintenance of the functions of our body and all systems simultaneously.

“Nutritional support and nutritional management of patients with COPD are absolutely vital, especially for two reasons: the importance of adequate muscles that will allow a good breathing pump and more adequate breathing, and because the patient with COPD has certain conditions in his muscle affectation, which makes it important to individualize his assessment, especially that of the lower extremities, “said the SEMI internist, Fernando Garachon.

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