Bill Gates says Elon Musk could make Twitter worse

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s summit on Wednesday, Gates asked Elon Musk: “How does he feel about something? [on Twitter] who says “vaccines kill people” or that “Bill Gates follows people?” Jeff J. Mitchell Getty Images News Getty Images Bill Gates has warned that Elon Musk could worsen Twitter after Tesla’s chief executive promised … Read more

The Pentagon says Russia may be trying to deactivate Ukraine’s railway system

Substitute while the actions of the article are loading The Kremlin is hitting infrastructure that is crucial to Ukraine’s efforts to supply its forces in defense against the Russian invasion, Ukrainian officials and the Pentagon said on Wednesday. A senior U.S. defense official, speaking to reporters on condition of anonymity under the Pentagon’s basic rules, … Read more

Phones and Wi-Fi, scientists say, can cause Alzheimer’s disease

According to a recent study, our cell phones and excessive exposure to Wi-Fi radiation may play a role in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. According to a press release on the findings, most experts believe that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by an abnormal accumulation of calcium in the brain. According to the study, electromagnetic … Read more

Powell’s Fed calms recession turmoil by repelling 75-point interest rate hike

The CIO of Crossmark Global Investments joins The Claman Countdown to discuss the state of the economy following the Fed’s interest rate decision. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has eased some concerns about the looming economic recession after he ruled out the possibility of a further increase in interest rates than what the US Federal … Read more

Jason Kidd says Mavericks need players other than Luka Doncic to step up with Dallas in the 2-0 hole against the Phoenix Suns

PHOENIX – Dallas Mavericks coach Jason Kidd sent a similar message after the two games so far in the Western Conference semifinals: Luka Doncic needs a lot more help against the top Phoenix Suns. Dallas squandered another brilliant offensive performance by Doncic in Game 2 on Wednesday, when he scored 35 points in a 13-1 … Read more

A man accused of dealing with the comic Dave Chapel on stage is accused of assault

LOS ANGELES, May 4 (Reuters) – A man accused of bringing comedian Dave Chapel to the floor during a Hollywood Bowl performance in Los Angeles was charged Wednesday with a deadly gun attack. The attack on Chappelle, 48, took place Tuesday night during a sold-out Emmy winner’s performance as part of the 11-day Netflix is … Read more