Peru – Australia, live: minute by minute World Cup ticket playoff

PT ’44. AdvĂ­ncula includes turbo

The quick combination of Peru on the right. Carrillo lets Advinkula run, which accelerates to 30 meters, conquers an opponent and throws a center, which is rejected. This was one of the last matches in the first half. Finished 0-0.

PT ’39. In the silence, Australia

They are minutes when nothing happens. Australia is accelerating with another climb from Boyle, whose center is widely directed by Irvine. There are no saves in the game, the goalkeepers hardly intervene.

PT ’32. To the extreme

Boyle enters with the ball dominating the top of the large area. Christopher Gonzalez crosses it hard from below; reaches the ball at the same time and hits the Australian. Slovenian referee Slavko Vincic interprets that it was not a foul and does not interfere with VAR for a possible penalty.

PT ’27. more control

This is not yet clear arrivals, but Peru has more initiative, trying to advance with passes and triangulations. Australia is no longer pushing so hard, although it is firmly behind.

PT ’19. The eye of Peru

Boyle, wing on the right, dribbles past two opponents and crosses a dangerous cross. Zambrano builds the striker well to prevent him from reaching the ball. It’s still 0-0.

PT ’15. Australia, above

At times they respect each other a lot, look carefully, do not take risks. Australia arrives with a header over the crossbar from a corner.

PT ’11. Peru, more balls than touches

Although it is trying to arm itself with short passes, Peru is now arriving more often with balls in the area, either with free kicks or centering.

PT ‘6. Australia, directly

The chosen ocean does not have fun with development. He repositioned himself near the Peruvian region and Duke was again looking at medium distance. Rejected.

Duke finished with a goal between Cullens, Tapia and ZambranoKarim Jafar – AFP

PT’4. Answer Peru

First arrival of the Gareca team. Ahead to the right and the center is headed by the nationalized Lapadula. The ball goes high. The party begins to open.

PT ‘3. Avisa Australia

Zambrano fails and striker Duke ends up out of power. Just turned down. Australia presses with physical intensity.

14.55. How you define yourself

In the event of a tie, there will be 30 minutes of extra time and, if necessary, a penalty shootout.

14.45. the beginning is coming

With the loss of midfielder Yoshimar Yotun, Peru will strive to qualify for the World Cup for the second time in a row, a sequence it achieved only in 1978 and 1982, with an unforgettable generation of players made up, among others, Teofilo Kubilas, Hector Chumpitas, Juan Carlos Oblitas, Hugo Sotil and Julio Cesar Uribe. Australia has competed in five World Cups, the last four without interruption.

2.40 pm Confirmed formations

13:55 The stadium, inside.

Two details from Al Ryan Stadium, on the outskirts of Doha, the capital of Qatar. On the one hand, the indications to reach the prayer room (“prayer room”, in English). On the other hand, the air conditioning ducts under each seat.

13:50 The first Australian fans.

13.40 from the stadium

13:30 NATION live from Qatar!

Welcome to a new chapter on the road to the World Cup in Qatar. In this case, the playoff between Conmeball and Asia is with Peru and Australia for the protagonists, who will determine the penultimate quota of Al Ryan Stadium in Doha (tomorrow is the turn of Costa Rica and New Zealand, which will leave certain groups). The winner of this match will integrate Group D, where he will face France, Denmark and Tunisia.

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