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A rare bird, Mauricio Morales.

I, of course, respect my profession. I enjoyed it, practiced it, and also saw it as it is: a human phenomenon of service and devotion to others, comforting, healing, and relieving human pain.

But I have also been able to see and experience the commercial spirit that has permeated some of the practice of medicine, because some of my students follow the dictates of the enlightened monetarism and pragmatism that characterize today’s society.

Of course, doctors no longer go to homes, but the patient must go to their offices and hospitals to see if, within their time, which is also outlined, there is room to experience the patient’s grief and regret and offer possible relief. of ailments, and I have observed, in some of my present colleagues, the forgetting of the Hippocratic Oath.

But there are also many doctors who preserve the human experience of our profession and some, such as in the direction of UANL Medical Services, efficiency and care

I also found a doctor, Mauricio Morales, who caught my attention because he maintains the formulas for caring, caring for and visiting the patient at home, something that is no longer common, but one has to go to the doctor’s office.

I want and dream of my time as a doctor and that is why I make this allegory in which I find capable doctors; but many are immersed in another way of life, which is mercantilism, enlightened monetarism, medical insurance; hospitals, with the exception of the University Hospital, which continues to provide humanistic services.

Give love to my university hospital, which continues to be an icon of humanistic medicine, and to doctors who still preserve personalized medicine, such as Mauricio. And a signal to wake up my colleagues so that they do not fall into enlightened mercantilism and stay away, because we have a profession of service, of giving, of understanding, of healing and of relief.

Descartes: I think so … Medicine is the most humane profession. We must keep the Hippocratic oath: “Even if your enemy visits your house, you must take care of him, because above all you are a doctor.

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