Priorities for achieving effective corporate welfare programs

“Despite the fact that we are living longer, the feeling that we lack time is more present than ever. And that is that on average, if we add up all the hours we dedicate to work, it turns out that nine full years of our lives have been spent in a work Antonio Vega, president of the Humaniza Foundation, presented the latest ORH webinar Corporate Prosperity, the key to business successorganized jointly with this organization to mark World Wellness Day.

“It’s a feeling that reinforces the concept of well-being corporate, as people seek a state of overall well-being that gives meaning to their way of understanding life. Each one, its own, which is another of the differential characteristics of well-being corporate, as it must be personalized for each employee. Companies are already aware that they need to make their employees identify with their purpose and values ​​by striking a balance between being and being; in short, it’s worth going to work every day. “

Now, historically, organizations have been designed to maximize labor productivity; something that does not fit very well with the search for a personal goal. Therefore, adaptation is needed to facilitate this search for employees through well-being appropriate for the current time.

To help the organizations in this regard, three members of the Humanization Foundation also took part in the session to provide the keys to well-being corporate in their respective fields: Rafael Ayusoexpert in reconciliation and flexibility; Joaquin Alvarez, expert on equality, diversity and inclusion; . Veronica Hontesilascorporate welfare expert.

His full speeches are available in the video below, as well as on our YouTube channel.

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