Promoting women’s participation in medicine

through the program Women in medicinethe non-profit organization Operation Smile AC seeks to bring women closer to participation in the health sector.

This participation can be through volunteering, medical research or even testing of surgical skills.

These types of activities are promoted by seminars and courses held at the event Women in medicinecarried out internationally.

This year the event took place in Peru, where a series of 10-day activities took place.

“Women in Medicine” in Latin America

This was the first time Women in medicine comes to Latin America. Although by 2022 it is planned in Morocco, the Philippines and Malawi.

During their presence in Peru, the women were able to connect with the boys and girls through the full medical service offered in the program.

It is a surgical program run exclusively by female volunteers that seeks to promote gender leaders in the health sector. This is through a platform that promotes the opportunity to develop their careers through training, leadership and mentoring programs.

In addition, it consists of a comprehensive medical service that offers nutrition, psychology, language pathology and many other factors.

“The point of Women in medicine meets the goal of promoting the reduction of this gap, which makes it difficult for women in the health sector, “said Kathy Maggie, president and co-founder of the Operation Smile..

Well-defined goals

The co – founder of Operation Smile. explains that it also seeks to train women to receive the highest level of surgical procedures and multidisciplinary care for patients with cleft lip and / or palate worldwide.

It is estimated that every three minutes worldwide, a child is born with a cleft lip and / or palate.

In this issue of Women in medicine It was attended by 120 volunteers representing 15 countries in Latin America and the world.

The program began on June 8 with a day of educational sessions, where experts covered the topic of women’s empowerment and inclusion in the health sector.

Topics discussed included the role of women in the health sector, nutrition, women in research, nurses, oral care and overall care. In addition, volunteer doctors and students highlighted their stories and experiences, which seek to inspire girls and women of the new generations to continue their careers in medicine.

Women in medicine has a 10-year commitment to working with global medical professionals, governments, hospitals and other non-profit organizations to create a variety of surgical care models.

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