Rheumatologists emphasize the importance of managing bone metabolism for the patient’s quality of life

Experts have concluded that the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases should take a holistic approach.

In rheumatic diseases, it is important to manage bone metabolism. Photo: Shutterstock.

In recent years, the survival of patients with Rheumatology is very high and the loss of bone density can have serious consequences for your quality of life.

Dr. Susanna Gerechter, specialist in Rheumatology of the Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital Complex, confirmed that in rheumatic diseases it is essential to manage bone metabolism.

“It is essential to make a holistic approach of the patient “, confirms Dr. Gerechter, insisting that it should be applied from the moment of diagnosis and treatment, she assured this at a conference that had the cooperation of Grünenthal to analyze the latest developments and improve quality of life. of patients.

Recent studies have shown that inflammation and its mediators are involved in the development of osteoporosis and how inhibition or attenuation of the inflammatory process may provide effective alternatives for the management of this pathology.

According to the event coordinator, “Reumeet is a new approach, linking for the first time the involvement of inflammatory pathologies in other bone metabolic pathologies”, thus Gerechter defended that this event implies “opening new horizons in a specialty specifically aimed at junior specialists”. and stressed the importance of bringing together different professionals in Rheumatology to share knowledge.

Grünenthal Iberia Director of Medical Affairs Ana Eskivias also took part in the event, stressing the importance of improving the management of rheumatic pathologies. “As pain specialists at Grünenthal, we believe it is crucial to know the current reality of these pathologies and how their approach helps to improve the quality of life of patients who suffer from them,” he said.

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