Roberto Piazza: “I was six years old and my brother was 25 when he first raped my body and soul.”

Roberto Piazza recalled his difficult childhood

Roberto Piazza he opened his heart to an in-depth conversation with Leandro Rudd, in which he recalled the part “wonderful “from his childhood in Santa Fe, but also” devilish “, as he defined them. He also said that three times he wanted to take his own life.

“My childhood had a wonderful part and an ugly, devilish part.” the designer started in The night from C5N, and for good memories he pointed out: “I grew up in Santa Fe, in a country school, in the river, I jumped head first And now I would be afraid. We had a very good financial situation, my old daughter was rich and my father was an electromechanical engineer. My immigrant grandfather was a mobster. “

He said of his father that he understood each other well until the age of eleven, when he learned that he had a lover: “I took her to my house and called her aunt, she had a double life, with a son named Roberto. Then he pointed out what he defined as “The devil’s part”: “This is with my brother, I was six years old when he first raped my body and soul, he was 25He took me to the back of my house, there were stables, during a nap, I remember the smell, what she told me to shut up, I did not understand, she put my skirt on the bell with a plate of flowers and lasted until 17 ″.

One of the most painful things about couturier was finding out that everyone in his circle knew what was going on, but no one did anything to help him: “Not only the family, but also the family’s family, everyone knew and no one said anything.and, my old man was a chauvinist and fucked up, he started treating my old lady badly, it just happened like a crack, the family was divided between the machismo of my brother and my father, who worked together and Other brothers got married and shot, knew and pretended to be fools. “

“I had a double personality, what was hidden and what I wanted to know, I even had a girlfriend I never touched, I went out, I had fun“He talked about how during his adolescence he tried to have a life like that of any boy of that age, despite what was happening behind closed doors.

Piazza told Rudd that he had tried to take his own life three times, the first time he was 15: “I wanted to kill myself, I fought with everyone, I broke windows, the roof, my brother punched me and my father punched me and mine was devilish revenge“. His brother’s abuse of him ended only when he was 17: “He wanted to rape me and I fucked him, I was the weakest, but I was six.

About the second time he wanted to commit suicide, he said: “He was 30, I was already Roberto Piazza. I fell in love and they left me and I wanted to kill myself, I started psychiatric therapy there, there was always loneliness in the back.

Roberto left Santa Fe at the age of 18 when he had to make the kolimba, and by the way, during a trip to Mar del Plata, he discovered a “gay evening”. When he returned home, he was a different person and began to get along badly with his family. He became a couple and returned to Buenos Aires at the age of 21, where he began his career. for the benefit of the Malvinas fighters, then I started dressing Mirta Legrand, Susanna Jimenez, Moria Casan, ”he said, recalling that He even sold a dress for ten thousand dollars to a woman from an important company, the model was called “Iguazú Falls”.

Before concluding the conversation, he recalled that his brother had started a family twice and had five children, two women from his first marriage with whom he had an affair and three men from the second, one of whom he had abused.from his role as an uncle, helped him file a complaint to justice.

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