Serious situation of labor and sexual violence in Samco de Rincon

A complaint filed in March this year, to which this media outlet has access, reported that a professional had once requested a meeting for remuneration due. He already had permission from his boss: the director of Samco. Since he is the president of the board of directors, it must be Maldonado who authorizes these procedures. After a few escapes, he made an appointment. At the beginning of the statement, he interrupted her to shout threateningly, “I will never allow anything,” among other risky insults. It is described that a few years ago these scenes took place in the institution. Even to and / or to other contractor authorities.

It should be noted that in April, Samco director Santiago Dumoulin resigned. From that moment until now, the position is vacant.

Siprus spokesman Leandro Goldsack said: “We are receiving complaints, complaints about this situation, which has been going on for more than a year. One of the doctors was encouraged to come to the union to ask for help. From there we began to monitor the situation. Other events have begun to emerge to the point that we are following three complaints from affiliates. We know that there are other complaints that are from another union. The situation is complicated. We met with all members of the team and there is a lot of grief, there is crying, it is associated with symbolic and verbal violence. It has to do with a figure who is strong and threatening. “

“We are interested in being sanctioned by an official, as we understand that this is labor violence. A form of organization within the health care provider is allowed, which is related to harassment in the way the service is performed and its implementation. “, Goldsack added this morning in the program Te la resumo on radio National.

He added: “We know that the Health Region has already tried to eliminate it, it is clear what kind of character it is. But it seems to me that other instances are missing from the ministries. The Minister of Health herself knows this. But so far there is no real intervention“He also said that there is a doctor who is on psychiatric leave for this situation, another has requested a transfer.

After consulting with Samco’s management, Goldsack said: “At that time (Dumoulin) took on the task of trying to organize the team in some way, but eventually resigned. He even We do not know whether they accepted the resignation or not, because no one wants to take the place, nor to put himself at the helm of this effector. “So Maldonado ultimately resolves issues beyond his role before acephaly.” from there. He forcibly managed to support Samko, exercising authoritarianism, “the unionist added.

“We had a meeting with the Minister of Health, who personally committed us to review it. There were meetings on Wednesday. If the protocol is not followed and this person continues to appear, activities will be automatically terminatedAlejandro Esquivel, a member of ATE’s board of directors, told the press this Friday.

Cyprus warned that the events affected “staff directly and indirectly”. In this sense, he believes that “reasonable time has elapsed” to wait for the authorities of the Ministry of Health and the Salud Santa Fe region. “We express the need to immediately unleash the alleged aggressor as the only way to solve this problem,” Goldsack concluded.

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