Seriously. They denounce gender and labor violence at the UNLP School of Medicine

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As this newspaper reportedthe university professor Darius loved (and a former doctor at Buenos Aires Policeinterviewed by the family of Joseph Louis Heads for concealing evidence during the journalist’s first autopsy and accused of acting as an expert while belonging to the repressive forces), convicted the medical examiner and also a teacher Virginia Cramer. The case of “defamation and insults” is considered in Correctional Court 4 of La Plataat the head of Claudia Greco.

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The unusual denunciation of the professor, who in La Plata is better known for his macho expressions, misogynists d reactionary this for his expertise professional, focuses on an alleged defamation “campaign” led by Créimer on social media.

Strictly speaking, the doctor did nothing more than share posts Journalistic notes in which he is unmasked. But the attack can be understood if it is judged that both are in ideological conflict and are currently competing for the position of adjunct professor in an open competition in Faculty of Medicine, National University of La Plata.

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Last year in this race they were practically “connected” and had to determine Academic Council of the Facultybut before the public scandal over Amado’s origins, it was decided to launch an academic investigation.
After this failure, Amado decided to prosecute his colleague for promoting this discredit.

Now, according to information he can confirm The left newspaperthe police doctor with a paradoxical family name, with the same argument for alleged and interested ill-will towards him, condemned Cramer no less than at the College of Physicians of the Province of Buenos Aires, at the Faculty of Medical Sciences itself and at the Rector’s Office of the National University of La Plata.

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This circumstance not only harmed Virginia academically, but also put her temporarily under the “command” of the fierce teacher who attacked her in all areas, generating a situation of unacceptable violence in the workplace“Créimer’s entourage told this media.

Amado has been a “temporary” assistant at the Department of Legal Medicine for years (a position that should regulate the competition). This issue has historically been run by his political mentor Miguel Ángel “El Casike” Maldonado, an old fascist and co-founder of the far-right parapolice gang Concentración Nacional Universitaria (CNU) in the late 1960s.

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The same sources added that in this way “Amado is causing terror boasting of the hundreds of military weapons he possesses which, added to his macho origins, puts Créimer in situation of sexual violence which has already been condemned in the Adulp Teachers’ Union and brought to the attention of the Court. ” However, they added that Judge Greco “did not incomprehensibly exclude” in restriction exposing a non-existent crime such as defamation and insult and insists that Amado and Cramer sit at a conciliation table ignoring all existing provisions on gender-based violence.

The “conciliation hearing”, in which the head of La Plata’s 4th Correctional Court is trying to stand up diplomatically against Amado and Kramer, will take place next Tuesday, June 7. However, the judge’s proposal was strongly challenged by Créimer and his legal representatives, who confirmed that If Dr. Greco conducts a conciliatory hearing between a vulnerable subject and a complainant on gender-based violence, workplace violence and ideological persecution, she will confirm that the judiciary continues to be a macho and patriarchal stronghold, an accomplice in the violation of the rights of women “.

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