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A new FeVA campaign highlights the efforts and commitment of veterinarians in Argentina and focuses on the complexity of situations that professionals deal with on a daily basis.

The Argentine Veterinary Federation has launched a new communication campaign to continue to position the profession in society, while motivating veterinarians to increase the contribution they make by caring for the health and well-being of animals, humans and the environment.

“The colleges and councils that make up FeVA are committed to disseminating and reassessing the role of veterinarians in society. As professionals as we are, we ended our university career with a lot of effort and dedication. For years, we have been training and updating technically to meet the challenges posed by animal health, food safety and environmental care today, “said Federico Berger, President of the Argentine Veterinary Federation.

He added: “The key is to keep alive the sense of belonging to our profession, uniting our messages and working together so that society understands that our knowledge and skills are essential for sustainable development and overall well-being.”


Within this framework, the #SoyMédicoveterinario / #SoyMédicaveterinaria initiative is now available on the Argentine Veterinary Federation’s YouTube channel, from which it will be broadcast on www.federacionveterinaria.com.ar, its various social networks @federacionvete and industrial media in addition to for mail and WhatsApp.

Emphasizing an effort that is not always recognized and sympathetic to the stress that often affects professionals, the Argentine Veterinary Federation has set up this campaign and generated a specific landing page from which relevant materials can be downloaded and shared, inviting to bring together the professional image of veterinarians. doctors


This new initiative also aims to highlight the progress of medicine in our country.

“For years we have had exceptional professionals in the field of cardiology, analgesia, neurology, dermatology and pain management (to name a few examples), as well as specialists in infectious, parasitic and metabolic diseases and others. Today, Argentina has internationally recognized veterinarians in the field of reproduction and animal welfare, as well as in public health and research, with world-class scientists and enlargement agents, ”FeVA said.

He stressed: “I am proud to be a veterinarian and to have gone through so many years of training with colleagues with whom we share anecdotes and challenges. It is true that many times we have to report bad news. We live in difficult situations, but we are prepared and trained to do so. We study veterinary medicine, we are proud of that and we want to work with the whole community in order to raise the flag of our profession well ”.

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