Suarez’s progressive change in China’s appearance after he started dating Rusherking

Along with Rusherking, China Suarez wore an oversized jacket @sangrejaponesa

Actress, singer, mother and model, Евгения China Suarez is also a influencer and as such, her appearance always makes people talk, and without intending, Benjamin Vikunya’s ex imposes a trend among his followers.. In recent weeks, by coincidence, after confirming his relationship with the rag Rusherkingthe former Almost angels began to show a different style.

Far from the romantic style, with lace, ankle-length dresses with a princess cut, lace and ruffles, which she wore before, now the actress is showing with much more urban clothing, dominated by sweatshirts and pants oversized (large sizes), hoods and hats, plus of course slippers.

Hood, a new ally of China's appearance Suarez
Hood, a new ally of China’s appearance Suarez
Eugenia la China Suarez
Eugenia la China Suarez

In one of the first photos she uploaded to her networks after she was seen kissing the young singer, she was just wearing yellow overalls and a woolen hat in tone and in other cases, when he showed his clothes in nets, he did so with hood dressed, somehow disguising herself with her new partner, who usually hides her hair with accessories.

This way, when it comes to packing the former Argentina, a land of love and revenge, He changed the fitted jackets to the body for divers and large sports jackets. Even this weekend he uploaded a few photos with Thomas Nicholas Tobar such is the real name of the musician who last week made Luna Park in whichShe was wearing a red pipa jacket, which was very loose, so her figure was out of sight, and he was wearing a similar coat, but blue.

La China Suárez, with jumper and woolen hat
La China Suárez, with jumper and woolen hat
China Suárez has been adding wool hats to its accessories for some time
China Suárez has been adding wool hats to its accessories for some time

Of course, despite his own tastes, he is often accompanied by commercial commitments, as he usually wears clothes or works for brands, although no doubt the change in his style is noticeable.

Although rumors of an upcoming romance between Eugenia and Tommy, as she affectionately calls him, had already surfaced, it was in after party to the Martin Fiero family in mid-May, when they saw them together for the first time and have not hidden since. They even had a few romantic gestures in the nets.

A few weeks ago, invited to PH, we can talkhe said: “I am very much in love and very good with someone. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that wayYo. I am very much in love and very good with someone. I really haven’t felt that way in a long time. “

China tells me Tommy. We met at a party We watched each other all night and I didn’t know whether to approach or not. I don’t like to discuss anything, but we’ve talked before, “he said, referring to a celebration before that. He added: “We spent the whole night exchanging glances at this party, then we talked and then I went to Madrid. I saw her there, we were in Madrid and then I went back to Argentina and we met here too. We get to know each other and I enjoy this process, I am very much in love. “.

Minutes after her statement aired on Telefe, she posted a black-and-white card of the two embracing as a confession of love. The next day, the actress gave some advice to her followers, perhaps tired of criticism. “Live as you wish. They will still break their balls. Happy SundayHe wrote on Twitter.

This weekend, she uploaded a photo of the two embracing on their Instagram account, along with a heart emoji and some fire.


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