Swedish multinational Essity arrives in Peru to reaffirm commitment to wellness, health and hygiene

The Nosotras, Familia Institucional and Pequeñín brands, which were part of the portfolio of the Colombian company Grupo Familia together with TENA, are now part of EssityA leading hygiene and health company of Swedish origin, which last year increased its stake in Productos Familia SA, with which it has maintained a strategic alliance for more than three decades, and which has a presence in 150 countries, 90 production centers and 46,000 associates worldwide.

In Peru and Latin America, Essity aims to be the fastest growing hygiene and health company that continues to have a positive impact on millions of families by generating well-being. “This is one of the countries with the highest stable long-term economic growth in the region, this allows us to have a long-term vision and provides us with an ecosystem of security and sustainability that allows us to make important bets and thus contribute to profitable growth. said Gene Haneda, state manager of Essity Peru.

The company has been present in the country for 26 years and currently its brands TENA and Nosotras are market leaders with shares of 48% and 58% respectively. In 2019, the company is developing the way it reaches consumers, moving from a service model through a macro-distributor to direct service to supermarkets, distributors and wholesalers.

It currently has an 8,000-square-meter distribution center and serves more than 350 companies in the B2B business and is present in 80% of points of sale nationwide, according to market research firm Nielsen.

With this new commitment to the future, Essity will build a stronger and more robust platform in Latin America to increase sales, profitability and efficiency, as well as accelerate digital transformation. This integration represents numerous strategic advantages in favor of the use of innovation, building stronger and more sustainable brands, promoting a flexible culture, which implies the opportunity for professional growth for all employees within a global organization.

“We know that the knowledge and experience that Essity has gained in the markets in which it participates will be of great benefit to us and to our entire audience. “This is an opportunity for us to make wellness, hygiene and health a priority in Latin America.”

The company stood out by providing basic solutions of the highest quality to its customers, in which they have integrated in their processes a more sustainable and advanced production chain that meets new market requirements and generates impact on the planet and people.

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