Kanye West attends Balenciaga fashion show in New York, while former Kim Kardashian and children are in Italy

Kanye West spent Sunday in New York while his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and their children attended Courtney Kardashian’s wedding to rocker Travis Barker in Italy. The 44-year-old Grammy winner, who prefers to go with Ye, was zipped up in a black leather jacket, hood and Balenciaga XXL boots on jeans as he walked out of … Read more

Belgium becomes the first country to introduce mandatory quarantine against monkeypox

Belgium becomes the first country to introduce a mandatory 21-day quarantine against monkeypox – as 14 countries have already confirmed outbreaks of the virus and doctors warn of a “significant increase” in cases in the UK Those infected with the virus will now have to isolate themselves for three weeks, Belgian health officials said after … Read more

Tilda Swinton is the epitome of chic in a white shirt dress while attending the RMN screening

Tilda Swinton seemed the epitome of chic on Saturday when she attended the RMN screening at the 75th annual Cannes Film Festival. The 61-year-old actress stood out from the crowd in an eye-catching white dress with a shirt, which she combined with a pair of matching heels. She wore her platinum blonde hair, trimmed, slicked … Read more

Justin Long calls Kate Bosworth a friend for the first time and wants to “protect” romance

Justin Long named Kate Bosworth his girlfriend for the first time during this week’s episode of Chelsea Handler’s podcast Dear Chelsea. During the episode, the 47-year-old presenter congratulated the 43-year-old actor on being “recently in love”. – Yes, she loves you too. She’s a big fan of yours, personally, “Justin told Chelsea and co-host Catherine … Read more

Sharon Osborne thanks rapper Jamal Rajad for saving his daughter Amy’s life from a studio fire

Sharon Osborne thanked rapper Jamal Rajad for helping save her daughter Amy’s life after a fire in a Hollywood studio killed a young producer and injured two others. Producer Nathan Avery Edwards, who specializes in Avery Drift 26, has died and two others have been treated for smoke exposure after a studio fire broke out. … Read more

Lupita Nyon’o drops out of the miniseries “The Lady from the Lake” as co-host and executive producer

Lupita Nyon’o drops out of the miniseries “The Lady from the Lake” as co-host and executive producer By Kevin Keyhart for Dailymail.com Published: 10:54 PM EDT, May 20, 2022 | Updated: 3:38 AM EDT, May 21, 2022 Lupita Nyongo dropped out of the upcoming miniseries The Lady In The Lake, an adaptation of Laura Lipman’s … Read more

Kim Kardashian’s beauty Pete Davidson will “miss” her sister Courtney’s Italian wedding

They say yes for the third time this weekend in Portofino, Italy to a small circle of family and friends. Here DailyMail.com takes a look back at the three weddings, the wild PDAs, the fight against in vitro fertilization and the whirlwind romance of Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker … Travis’ first love affair with … Read more

Ozzy Osbourne, 73, has been seen leaving Milk Studios in Los Angeles … after daughter escapes fire

Ozzy Osbourne was spotted leaving Milk Studios in Los Angeles on Friday. The legendary frontman of Black Sabbath, 73, waved his cane and received help from a younger friend as he carefully descended the stairs outside. Osborne wore a black long-sleeved shirt, a pair of matching sweatpants, and comfortable sneakers for his day in LA. … Read more

Elon Musk tweets that he will give the former CEO of YouTube a horse if he touches his wire

Elon Musk shed light on accusations of sexual misconduct against him, joking that the affair should be called “Elongate” before asking the YouTube co-founder to touch his “winery”. Musk denied allegations in a Business Insider article alleging that he exposed himself to a private flight attendant during a massage, rubbed her legs and offered to … Read more

DR. MICHAEL MOSLY: I finally have Covid, but I’m dealing with two surprising drugs

After more than two years of avoiding the Covid-19 bullet, I was shocked. This is particularly frustrating because during the pandemic, I tried to reduce my risk by avoiding crowded places, such as pubs, and wearing a mask on public transport and shops. But the cunning virus finally got to me through my wife, Claire. … Read more