SNL highlights Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson in the latest episode of the stars

Saturday Night Live kicked off the season finale with a leap to starring Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon. McKinnon was shown in the open, playing her recurring character Mrs. Rafferty, who is often abducted by aliens. Eddie Bryant and Mikey Day played NSA agents who interviewed Rafferty and her also kidnapped friends Cecily Strong and … Read more

Fans are flooding Brooklyn subway stations for Notorious BIG MetroCards

Biggie Smalls fans crowded Brooklyn subway stations on Saturday to insert commemorative MetroCards in honor of the late hip-hop rapper’s 50th birthday. About 50,000 cards were packed in MetroCard machines at four stations in Brooklyn, which was home to Biggie, also known as “Notorious BIG”. People lined up for about 100 at a time, waiting … Read more

John Mulani surprises dissatisfied fans with the performance of Dave Chapel

Left: John Muleney (Fraser Harrison / Getty Images), Right: Dave Chapel (Dimitrios Cambouris / Getty Images for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Comedian John Muleney was criticized this weekend after reports that he surprised the audience at a show in Ohio last night with the initial appearance of a local Dave Chapel, who … Read more

Everything everywhere and at once broke the A24 box office record

Everything Everywhere SuddenlyImage: A24 Everything Everywhere Suddenly in recent months he has made an impressive space for himself; even in the face of all these others movies about the multiverse that are currently in theatersfast and cheerful to Daniels The science fiction film has consistently won Studio A24, a studio that is now well known … Read more

Scream star Neve Campbell as Twisted Metal

Image: Titian Lugli Twisted metalThe live action TV series, based on the popular PlayStation car / combat vehicle franchise franchise, has attracted many big names to it, attracting stars such as Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatrice. Now, Neve Campbell has been named a recurring guest star, named Raven, io9 has learned in a press release … Read more

Kenan Thompson responds to Samuel L. Jackson jokingly saying it was his fault that he was banned from performing live on Saturday night

Kenan Thompson, left; Samuel L. Jackson.Photo: Amy Susman for Deadline Hollywood (Getty Images) In case you haven’t watched the number, 10 years have passed since the veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson appeared as a guest of Saturday night live and almost 15 years since hosting. According to Jackson, the reason for such a long pause … Read more

Amy, daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, escaped the fire in the Hollywood studio

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Amy was among those who escaped a fire at a Hollywood recording studio that killed 26-year-old music producer Sharon Osbourne and others working in space. Amy Osborne’s producer also escaped a fire that broke out late Thursday afternoon in a two-story commercial building that … Read more

Former Red Ranger Austin St. John accused of fraud with COVID relief

Austin St. JohnPhoto: Frederick M. Brown (Getty Images) Today, in “Crimes that would be gross but relatively trivial if not alleged to have been committed by a former Power Rangers member”: Austin St. John, best known for playing the first Red Ranger in his long-running game. Saban Entertainment Morphin’s Powerful Rangerswas arrested this week, along … Read more

NYT Introduces: Elon Musk Crash Course Special Stream: Watch Online, TV Channel – How to Watch and Stream Major League & College Sports

Controversial billionaire Elon Musk has been in the headlines over the years for his innovative technology, Tesla cars, space exploration and most recently his desire to own Twitter. In this episode of the New York Times Presents, they look at Musk’s self-driving technology and what he’s doing with Tesla today, as well as plans for … Read more

What Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Penelope Cruz and other colleagues said about working with Johnny Depp

Former lead lady, agent and business manager Johnny Depp says the actor was challenged to work when drugs and alcohol reportedly dictated his behavior. However, many of Depp’s former colleagues offer a loyal, stark contrast to recent testimony during the brutal defamation trial against the 58-year-old movie star against his wife and Aquaman ex-wife and … Read more