They warn that too much confidence in your health can put you at risk

Having self-confidence is a virtue. But Excessive self-confidence is not always a good advisorAt least when it comes to healthcare. Two recently published works draw attention to this: a study conducted in Europe shows that older people overestimate their health go to the doctor less often; and a study of men in the United States … Read more

Jaroslavski proposes integrating traditional complementary medicine into the public health system

ParanĂ¡, June 15 (APFDigital) – It aims to make progress in the overall public health system, “a step forward in the revision of the whole system”, confirmed the radical MP • The project establishes the inclusion of traditional and complementary medicine practices, as the province did from Santa Fe Provincial MP Gracia Jaroslavski (UCR) unveiled … Read more

Discover the latest trends in medicine and healthy eating

Branded studio for Vilkas The modern approach to health is multidisciplinary. The training of professionals, the quality of health institutions, research and teaching, good nutrition, physical and mental rest in a naturally harmonious environment and many other aspects contribute to the overall concept of health. Here are some examples of professionals who contribute with effort … Read more