Genetic evidence and how it can spread

Samples of monkeypox were tested in the University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.Photo: JUDY GRIZEDIEC / Star Tribune (Getty Images) Cases of monkeypox continue to climb around the world, with mmore than 200 confirmed and suspicious cases documented in over 20 countries. Sscientists are are beginning to gather their first clues about these outbreaks, including … Read more

The number of potential mysterious cases of hepatitis in the United States jumps to 180

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcements Wednesday, it is now reviewing 180 reports of children with severe and sudden unexplained liver inflammation known as acute hepatitis. IN first reports on acute hepatitis of unknown origin in children appeared in October and November 2021, with five cases in Alabama. The departure of the stateissued a … Read more

Where they are and what we know so far

Electron microscope image of monkeypox virus particles.Image: Cynthia C. Goldsmith, Russell Regner / CDC via AP (AP) Outbreaks of a rare disease called monkeypox have put public health experts on the brink. Several countries, including the United States, have reported cases of viral infection recently. No deaths have been reported so far. Although the risk … Read more

What is monkeypox and is there a cure?

Photo: Cusson (Shutterstock) Smallpox is the only disease we have ever been able to completely eradicate in humans; it has not existed anywhere in the world since 1980. But its close relative, the monkeypox, is still around. Monkeypox is not as dangerous as smallpox, but several recent outbreaks have alarmed public health officials. There have … Read more

Omicron infection can greatly boost immunity in vaccinated people

Photo: Spencer Platt (Getty Images) Recent preliminary research may offer some consolation to the many vaccinated Americans who came across Omicron last winter. Two studies show that vaccinated people who caught the variant developed a strong and varied immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in general – more than people who were vaccinated and boosted, … Read more

Allergies or COVID? The Louisville doctor explains the symptoms to watch out for News

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Spring is allergy season in Kentucky, but with the rise of COVID-19, how do you know if you’re sick or just need an antihistamine? Experts from Family Allergy & Asthma in Louisville said allergies are hitting some people hard right now. How long this congestion and sneezing can last depends on … Read more

Can adults get ear infections?

Photo: Андрей_Попов (Shutterstock) Some medical incidents are inextricably linked to children’s experiences: Children vomit a lot for some reason they the skin of their knees, remove their tonsils and get ear infections. Of course, these things can happen to adults, but it is much rarer. However, because some diseases are so closely related to children, … Read more

How to find out if your symptoms are bad enough to visit an allergist

Photo: Budimir Jevtic (Shutterstock) So sneeze and rub your eyes this allergy season. Who is not? Allergies are common enough that many of us can manage our symptoms with over-the-counter medications and avoidance strategies, such as spending less time outdoors on high-pollen days. But when are allergies bad enough that you need to see a … Read more

Why the allergy season is getting longer

Photo: sruilk (Shutterstock) If allergy season seems to be getting worse every year, you probably can’t imagine it. Scientists studying the time and movement of pollen have found that allergies are indeed seasons have it gets longer and potentially heavier. A good read on the subject is this piece of Conversation, which gives a legible … Read more

We will probably deal with more pandemics as the Earth heats up

Civeta cat in a cage.Photo: Sakchai Lalit (AP) As climate change constantly changes our environment, the world is increasingly opening up to new viruses – with potentially deadly consequences for us humans. A study published on Thursday in Nature found that as climate change forces animals to relocate to habitats, they will increasingly come into … Read more