Finland’s gas flows from Russia will be cut off from Saturday: energy supplier

Drilling platform in a gas processing facility operated by Gazprom. Maxim Shemetov Reuters Russia may have just made its first retaliatory move against Finland after lawmakers in Helsinki formally applied to join NATO’s military alliance. Gasum, the state-owned gas trader in Finland, said in a statement Friday morning that imports of natural gas from Russia … Read more

What does Russia’s war for global climate mean?

A group of Ukrainian women demonstrate to call for further action against Russia near the European Commission’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Thierry Monas | Getty Images News Getty Images LONDON – Reflecting on energy markets just over a month after Russia’s pressure on Ukraine, Saudi Arabia’s top energy official said: “Look what’s happening today, who’s … Read more

Shots of a Ukrainian medic depict war-torn Mariupol

A Ukrainian medic described his efforts to save lives in war-torn Mariupol using a small data card later smuggled out of the country in a tampon of daring reporters. Julia Paevska, who was eventually captured by Russian soldiers, initially received the camera footage of a Netflix documentary on Invictus Games, an international sporting event for … Read more

Stephen Roach warns of stagflation, calling peak inflation absurd

Stagflation is back, according to former Morgan Stanley Asia chairman Stephen Roach. He warns that the United States is on a dangerous path that leads to higher prices combined with slower growth. “This inflation problem is widespread, persistent and likely to be long-lasting,” Roach told CNBC’s Fast Money on Thursday. “Markets are not even close … Read more

FBI Officer James Baker testified that Michael Sussman lied

WASHINGTON, DC – A former FBI official testified on Thursday that he was “100% confident” that Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer refused to act “on behalf of a specific client” when he leaked information that has since been refuted, linking Donald Trump with Russia. “I think it was pretty close to the start of the match. … Read more

The McDonald’s era in Russia is coming to an end, restaurants are for sale

McDonald’s sells all its restaurants in Russia 30 years after the burgers chain became a powerful symbol of Cold War relief between the United States and the Soviet Union from DEE-ANN DURBIN AP Business Writer May 19, 2022, 3:39 p.m. • 3 minutes reading Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEmail this article McDonald’s has been selling … Read more

Two maps show NATO’s growth and Russia’s isolation since 1990

A Swedish soldier took part in an exercise on May 17, 2022. Her country, along with Finland, now wants to join NATO. Jonathan Nakstrand Afp | Getty Images Russia has become increasingly isolated from the rest of Europe over the past 30 years, and maps of the continent illustrate how drastic the change has been. … Read more

Russians fear abuse of Mariupol will backfire, US intelligence shows

The United States has gathered intelligence that shows that some Russian officials are worried that Russian forces in the devastated port city of Mariupol are committing serious abuses, said a US official familiar with the findings on Wednesday. Russian authorities are concerned that the abuses will have the opposite effect and will further inspire Mariupol … Read more

The United States is reopening Ukraine’s embassy as the tide turns against the Russian invasion

The State Department reopened the US embassy in Kyiv on Wednesday, more than three months after operations were halted before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in a statement that Ukraine’s stunning initial success in fighting Moscow’s pressure on the capital allowed the embassy to reopen. “Today we are officially resuming … Read more