From inflammation to depression: electricity is revolutionizing medicine

During the first few days of treatment, the man reported that his symptoms of depression had decreased by more than 50%. After 22 weeks, doctors said her depression had subsided. After 37 weeks, the researchers reduced stimulation by 25% a week to zero to see if their symptoms were changing. The patient reported a constant … Read more

Scientists are researching how to pack the benefits of exercise into a weight loss pill

A scientific team has identified a molecule in the blood that is produced during sports training and that can effectively reduce food intake and obesity, according to a study published this Wednesday (June 15, 2022) in the journal Nature. The physiological processes that underlie the interaction between exercise and hunger are not yet well known. … Read more

How are exercise good for the brain?

Exercise and neurodegenerative disease The Wrann team also found this irisin appears to play a role in protecting against neurodegeneration. The researchers raised mice that did not have irisin and had Alzheimer’s-like symptoms. These double-affected mice experienced symptoms faster than mice with Alzheimer’s disease alone and showed cognitive improvements when irisin production was restored. (Related … Read more