That’s how Matthias Areso, the other Uruguayan on River’s radar, plays

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River has turned to the Uruguayan striker from Granada to replace Julian Alvarez and negotiations have already begun to assess his hiring.

© GettyArezzo played a spectacular 2021 on River Plate in Uruguay and made the leap to Europe.

After Gallardo hurried the leaders to a press conference after the draw with Atletico Tucuman, River set to work and accelerated the issue of reinforcements. As Castellanos and Alario are ruled out and Miguel Borja is very difficult, the management is already analyzing other names to increase the lead. Apart from Diego Valoyes, for whom negotiations have resumed, and at the request of Luis Suarez, negotiations for Matthias AressoUruguayan striker, former Uruguayan River Plate, who has played for Granada in Spain since the beginning of the year.

The striker is 19 years old, he surprised everyone for several semesters on the Uruguay River and can reach Nunes as a bet for the future. Granada of Spain, which recently lost the category in Spain, He bought it on the market at the last pass for 5.7 million euros, although there was not much activity. So far this year he played 8 matches (everyone comes in from the bench in the second half with less than 20 minutes left) and only in one does he start as a starter, so air change is a viable option and River appears on stage.

On the other hand, he has a devastating record in the Uruguayan team: 37 goals and 14 assists in 91 gamesThat is why Granada bought him and gave him a contract until June 30, 2026. Sharing a representative with Nicolas De la Cruz, who has good relations with the leadership, Aresso was proposed and his arrival could be facilitated by adding that he did not have the regularity expected in Spain. If River makes every effort for it, he can rent it with a fee and a high purchase option.

This is how Matthias Areso plays

The native of Montevideo measures 1.80 and is a forward zone, although it can sometimes be thrown almost like a wing. He is a powerful player, with a good instinct for goals and a great long-range shot. During his stay in Uruguay, his definition improved a lot, so every ball that fell at his feet in the zone had a great chance to end up with a goal. There is also a large percentage of won air duels although not very high.

As for the “negative”, he is not a player who feels very comfortable going outside the zone, but rather his comfort zone is inside it. Although its main features are decisive rather than an assistant or game-generating striker, Aresso has some goals outside the zone, getting rid of a rival with a dribble, so he also stands out technically.

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