The campaign that supports and promotes Juliet Diaz given her daughter’s health problem

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Juliet Diaz with her daughter Elena.

Thus, juliet dias He uploaded an explanatory video on his social media, urging the whole community to sign a petition for this change on the crusade to remove this cumbersome, invasive and bureaucratic procedure. “Did you know that people with permanent disabilities must renew the Unique Certificate of Disability (CUD) every 3 years?”were the first words of the actress.

In the meantime, he continued “This is a useless procedure that generates a lot of anxiety, time, money and grief for people with disabilities and families of people with disabilities.”. And closed with a request for help: “You can sign and support us so that people with permanent disabilities do not have to renew the certificate. Please join us. Thank you very much”.

Juliet Diaz’s emotion about the beginning of her daughter’s classes

in February this year juliet dias shared a candid Instagram post before her daughter Elena started lessons with an integration teacher. The actress’ daughter is seven years old and is struggling with cerebral palsy, and in 2022 she will start first grade.

“This year Elena Antonia starts first grade with an integrative teacher. I bought all the supplies from her (everything is with twine all the time) and she asks me to take them out of the bag every day and watch them and show them to everyone. We also made a calendar poster to cross out the days until Monday, February 21, when the classes start. “Juliet Diaz began her message on the net.

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And he explained: “She is 7 years old. Last year we had to wait for the learning process to be more convenient for her this year. She has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Me too. Her father, too. Her grandparents. Blood and heart. And all of us who love her. Not because we think waiting another year is a problem or we want it to comply with the “right way to go”. (It’s always pressure in the same way. We keep working hard on it) “.

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“If not, because SHE wants it. Because he wants to see his classmates from the garden on vacation, because he wants to be with peers, with children. Learn with them! With them! How happy, my love! We’ve come this far and I’m so happy to see you happy. We follow this path together. Anyway. We love you. “, remained emotional. While closed: “Whether public or private, regardless of methodology, with or without an integrator, everywhere: Long live the school. Long live the teachers! And above all, Long live life with your peers and long live the girls! “.

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