The Chilean Navy and the Argentine Navy will conduct the Viekaren exercise in August

IN army of Argentina and on Chilean Navy will develop a new edition of the combined naval exercise from 15 to 21 August Vicar in the waters of the Beagle Channel, where both sides share navigation rights.

Surface units of Third Naval Zone and on Naval Air Group South of the Chilean navy and naval bases Ushuaia on Naval area Australia of the Argentine Navy

Vicar This is an activity agreed between Chile and Argentina in 1999, which allows to check the level of interoperability of the Chilean and Argentine naval units for the protection of human life in an area with high maritime traffic.

In this edition, the level of training and coordination of naval personnel will be tested by simulating search, rescue and marine rescue missions (SAR) and an oil spill control exercise with insulation barriers, among other events.


The exercise Vicara word meaning trust in the Yámana language is an activity that is shaped by the agreements of 1984 Peace and Friendship Treaty to promote good relations between Chile and Argentina.

In the naval sphere, the first exercise carried out by the two institutions in this new framework was Integration in 1998, which brings together ground and air units in Chilean waters to achieve greater interoperability.

The second activity was Viekaren, which has been running since 2000 and aims to increase confidence in joint operations, exchange knowledge on various procedures between troops and naval units, and improve the capacity to respond to various emergencies. could arise in the Beagle Channel.

Another initiative is Combined Antarctic Naval Patrol (PANC) which was held for the first time in the Australian summer of 1999-2000 and aims to protect marine life, protect the marine environment and provide mutual support for dealing with emergencies on the White Continent.

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