The Department of Maternal Fetal Medicine is unique in Tucuman

Coordinator of the Fetal Medicine Unit at the Institute of Maternity, John Sebastian Papalardo, referred to the work that the Fetal Medicine Unit has been doing since 2017 and said that “it was formed by a political decision and an initiative to create a place that did not exist before in Tucuman. He started hand in hand Maria Jose Garcia Vega, who to Elena Urtado generates team formation.

In it he stressed that it consists of a group of about 20 professionals – among obstetricians and gynecologists, neonatologists, imaging specialists, fetal surgeon, psychologists, geneticists, pediatric surgeons and cardiologists, palliative care specialists, social services, which act. multidisciplinary for comprehensive patient care.

Patients are admitted with referral from various health centers in the province and are initially admitted by the obstetrics office, where they are provided before conception or prenatal, perinatal, genetic counseling, prenatal screening for abnormalities during pregnancy, follow-up of those present with fetal anomalies, follow-up of multiple pregnancies and interconsultations with other reference centers in the country such as Garrahan or Posadas hospitals.

“We also perform fetal interventions thanks to the contribution of Savino Gil Puliesewho guides us on the subject and travels to make it from Cordoba. Invasive procedures are performed in conjunction with imaging, diagnostic amniocentesis, amniocentesis, biopsies and in some special situations – such as fetuses with diaphragmatic hernia – are directed to more complex centers, “he said.

Following this line, the professional stressed that we work to intervene primarily in those cases where restrictions, follow-up and advice on prevalent pathologies can be made: “We provide quality care that is unique in Tucuman, as the patient who is accepted with a problem or her baby, is accepted and evaluated by a whole team, which over time strives to reach an accurate diagnosis and keep it if it is considered that the result will have a continuation or negative consequences; the patient sees the same people from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy process. ”

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