The hot dance of Tini Stossel and Rodrigo de Paul, which caused a stir in the nets

In social networks, many define the new relationship between Tini Stossel and Rodrigo de Paul such as “couple of the year”. That’s right everything that the singer and the footballer do together it is becoming a phenomenon that has a strong impact on public opinion. An example of this is the sensual dance they both took part in on Saturday night, during the midfielder’s birthday party, which was recorded by a fan and later spread on social media.

Although the player Atletico Madrid and the national team fulfilled 28 years on May 24, the celebration took place on Saturday night at a bar in San Isidro. In addition to some famous guests – such as Polo Alvarez and Tefi Rousseau, Cande Ruggeri and her friend Nicolas Macari and Alejandra Martinez-at the party was, however, the athlete’s friend, Tini Stossel, who travels specially from Santa Fe, where He gave a recital at night to go to his partner’s party.

Tini Stossel and Rodrigo de Paul danced a hot rhythm together

The DJs were the same as those at the Bresh party, according to the Diario Show portal, and the atmosphere of the event was always busy, but without a doubt one of the moments that surpassed the most was that small fragment of the dance that the singer of The “Triple T” and Leo Messi’s teammate in the national team.

So the video of just over 10 seconds in which they both dance the topic “Sorry” on Justin Bieber, This has become a trend on social networks. There, many commented on how well they saw each other together and the sensuality that exists between them Tini and Rodrigo.

Rodrigo de Paul’s birthday in San IsidroGerardo Vierkovic

The connection between DePaul and Stossel It started months ago and although some versions claim to have started dating while he is still with the mother of his children, Camilla Homs, the official version says they took their first steps when they were both single. However, apart from the story of the couple’s origins, the two agree there were many disagreements over the duties imposed on both of their respective professions.

Rodrigo de Paul's birthday in San Isidro
Rodrigo de Paul’s birthday in San IsidroGerardo Vierkovic

Chemistry was born with several exchanges on Instagram and leveled off the moment the first direct messages were sent. They finally managed to meet in person at a mutual friend’s barbecue, but due to her father’s health problems, they could not meet, because while Tini had to stay in Argentina, de Paul continued in Europe.

On Saturday night, the singer arrived at the San Isidro bar at 2 a.m. and left at 5 p.m. The birthday boy, on the other hand, stayed until 6:30 in the morning, having fun with his friends.

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