The Minister of Health confirmed that steps will be taken to address issues raised by pediatricians

June 16, 2022 – 11:42

the minister of Hello Manuela Avila refers to the problem raised by the body of pediatricians Eva Peron Children’s Hospital. He said talks with the Ministry of Labor, Veronica Soria, would begin and that Governor Raul Jalil had promised to hear them in public. He added that another focus of the conflict is withholding income tax, which is more complex and a problem at the national level for the profession.

Where Avila stressed is to ensure that the attention of the children’s hospital is normal and that this state of assembly does not mean the abolition of cooperation.

“We need to separate two issues to bring peace to society: The Children’s Hospital continues to function normally and meeting the needs that people have; This is an inter-zonal hospital that meets people from the capital and the interior. This, on the one hand. On the other hand, what do the professional gentlemen who are pediatricians say, they are not the whole staff, there are about 35 pediatricians who work in the clinical part, who sent me a note and with whom I met, “he said in a statement on the radio.

He gave details of the points made by the pediatricians at the Children’s Hospital. He judged that there were some who deserved it.

“They show me three points, which are a decent salary that is in line with functional responsibility, with an adjustment to the monthly inflation guidelines and a fair restructuring of the loss of purchasing power. On the other hand, received remuneration for the hourly value / weekly, day and night shifts on weekends. And the other is the payment of one hundred percent sick leave or sick leave. These are the specific cases that are related to your request, and on the other hand, hospital issues that are already being worked on with the director of the hospital and the secretary of public health, which is to increase security for protection and coordination of tasks, “he explained. Ávila.

He believes that “they have been heard” and that “the situation is understood” in the current economic context. “They have been told that appropriate steps will be taken, the whole issue of salaries is being done with the Ministry of Labor.. “I have been asked to meet with the governor in person and they will be received by him in the first week of July,” he said.

He insisted on something crucial: “Colleagues do not have any cooperation, they are in a state of assembly, but they are responsible to the community.”

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Overflow and taxes

Professionals have expressed concern that they are overwhelmed by the number of children in need of medical care. And worried because there are no permanent doctors.

“These are times when we have an increase in respiratory infections, more in the pediatric population. According to the latest data from last night, when we had contact with the managers, we have a total of 62 hospitalized patients. However, it is decreasing, in the intermediate therapy we have five free beds out of a total of thirteen, which until a few days ago we had nothing or one free bed “, the Minister explained.

“This is a situation that, of course, the demands are much greater, we even have increased care in the peripheral (hospitals), so that only those complex cases that need to be answered arrive at the Children’s Hospital. But that’s to be expected at this time of year, with the addition of Covid, which there are, but not many cases in pediatrics.

He added that pediatricians have been hired and that a complex issue to be addressed is income tax.

We asked for an audience with the Minister of Labor to see this situation We asked for an audience with the Minister of Labor to see this situation

“The human resources that are available. There is one issue here that needs to be taken into account and that is income tax. It interferes with the number, the professionals work to the limit so that the tax is not absorbed and there is a need for better distribution, otherwise there are no doctors to do it. “There are doctors who choose not to guard.”

“This is something that has been raised, but it is a matter for the nation. Although there have been changes in the contributions, this is not satisfactory for the staff and this problem arises, which is for the doctor as a whole, “he explained.

Regarding the lack of doctors without using it as an excuse, he said it was a recurring problem at the national level. In Catamarca, for example, there are four vacancies for the interior and only one registered.

“The system for training in medical residency has also decreased, this is the choice of those colleagues who receive and do not continue this systematic training. This is also related to the economic issue and the years of study, and they do not choose this type of training or training. It has also been seen in family doctors, which we need the most, specifically for the interior. There are four vacancies and only one is registered. At the meeting of COFESA with the other ministers of health, it is noted that there is a similar situation, which is described throughout Argentina, “said Dr. Avila.

Finally, he said that the doctors who meet today at the Children’s Hospital belong to the permanent staff and are on shifts of their choice.

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