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Create a space for relaxation, hobby or introspection and connection with emotions. That is why this is the new decorating trend that is in vogue according to Pinterest.

We all feel that stress levels are skyrocketing in the face of different situations and the idea of ​​disconnecting, at least for a while, becomes a necessity. And just as some people decide to run away from home, many others prefer to stay and find refuge for a moment in their home. favorite space.

And that’s why it’s new. decorative trend which is in vogue according to Pinterest, to create at home a “emotional escape room” to feel harmony and security when levels of stress and anxiety skyrocket.

Space to relax listening to (or playing) music at home. Photo: Pinterest.

After two years of pandemic and quarantine, the demand for stress and mental health has increased in 2021, according to Pinterest. Given this unfortunate scenario, it is understandable that when stress levels are out of control, we need it pause and disconnect.

Especially after quarantine, the need for an emotional home escape room has increased, a suitable place to release our emotions without having to leave home.

Demands are rising on Pinterest to build “music rooms”. Photo: Pinterest.

According to the latest data revealed by Pinterest predictsthe annual report on trends with forecasts for 2022, based on data from 2021, has a huge increase in demand for decorating emotional escape spaces related to musical themes (for relaxation), glass rooms (inspiring calm and transparency), rooms for anger (for releasing emotions) and many others.

Spaces for relaxation or meditation at home. Photo: Pinterest

Some of the most popular searches are:

In the massage room at home, this is the new whim of the decoration. Photo: Pinterest

These emotional escape rooms are transformed into unique spaces that it can be built on the basis of hobbies, specific tastes, outdoor spaces and many ideas which can be found on the platform.

can arm themselves in any home environment that makes us feel comfortable and emotionally well.

Angle to relax while reading a good book. Photo: Pinterest

And to decorate it, all you have to do is find good inspiration, repeat a good idea or be guided by our personal tastes and needs.

“It simply came to our notice then sinners let Pinterest feel a little better, with a healthier and more positive online space, ”he says. Fernanda Cheravolodirector of content and creators of Pinterest in Latin America.

Enclosed balcony converted into a mini gym to disconnect from the routine and unload. Photo: Pinterest

For this reason, Pinterest also offers safe search tools, such as emotional well-being activitieswhich people can use regularly to help them manage their emotions and have a better quality of life.

Spaces dedicated to music. Photo: Pinterest

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