The “red signal” is included due to the lack of specialized pediatricians

The situation is critical, they warn. And if the necessary precautions are not taken, start modifying the complex panorama in which the professionals are engaged Health which are dedicated to the care, assistance and protection of childhood Mendoza, it could be even worse. IN Mendoza there is a shortage of pediatricians specializes in areas of high complexity. Where he runs minute by minute, nothing less than saving the lives of newborns; of girls and boys in need complex operations and emergency treatments to deal with high-risk and serious illnesses, the short-term challenge is latent. More professionals dedicated to the fields of neonatology, neurology, gastroenterology and intensive caresecure doors at the most important pediatric hospital in Mendoza and the Cuyo region.

The voice of those who are in the daily battle to contribute with their knowledge, time and efforts to improve the quality of life of thousands of boys and girls is heard. To the point of repeating nausea advertising, that from now on politics is a priority Health give priority to the incentive for new professionals to choose residencesto guarantee them, for example, that the years of dedication and effort invested in specialization will not go unnoticed in planning their future. That their work will be valued according to their role in society: saving the lives of children; noted from their previous knowledge and training, the difference -no less than between life and death.

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