They say that’s why Marcelo Tinelli is so close to Paula Robles

usually Marcelo Tinelli He was a very neat man about the sentimental aspect of his life, who had undoubtedly avoided more than one headache all these years.

The creator of “Showmatch” has spent more time as a couple than alone and this would be due to the fact that he is clearly not very happy to be alone, as he is a member of the family and prefers to have someone with whom to share absolutely everything in his life. Now, however Marcelo Tinelli he is again among the most desired leading men in the country.

Marcelo and Guillermina separated after 9 years together and a son together.

After the not so surprising separation of Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdes, weeks ago, was seen very close to one of her ex-partners and the mother of two of his childrena situation that, of course, unleashed a wave of rumors around him.

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