This is the well-being routine that Jennifer Aniston follows at the beginning of the day (and from which we can learn 3 things)

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most concerned actresses for her wellness. After years of neglecting his health of mind and body (recent confessions que I slept badly for more than 30 years), the protagonist of Friends I decided to get involved healthy habits to your routine. We have gathered them in this news to inspire you in your daily life.

Jennifer Aniston’s 3 Morning Wellness Habits

In a recent interview with the actress Jennifer Aniston revealed what was his health practices just get out of bed. And they are these:

1. Practice meditation for 20 minutes.

Jennifer Aniston practices meditation.@Jennifer Aniston

Objective: connect with yourselfkeep your feet on the ground and do not allow yourself overcome by anxiety when the pressure of the environment around her forces her to lose control. IN the benefits of meditation ten minutes a day they are huge. Even if you’ve never done it before, it’s not hard to get started if you do it with the help of an expert like Theo Luna, teacher of mindfulness and meditation.

2. Morning walk with their dogs and slow breakfast.

Jennifer Aniston with her dog.

Jennifer Aniston with her dog.@Jennifer Aniston

Purpose: to do exercise and recharge your body to start the day. To walk This is a very healthy gentle exercise we activate our body d prevents many diseases related to our cardiovascular and psychomotor systems. And one more detail Jennifer Aniston practice the healthy habit of slow breakfastanother perfect moment to connect body and mind. “My breakfast consists of avocado smoothie or a bowl of oatmeal and eggs (I always include protein). I add them just before the end of cooking oats because it gives a smooth texture “. Remember: skipping meals or not enjoying them is typical of today’s lifestyle, but very harmful to your health. Health and wellness.

3. Do not touch your mobile phone until you go to work.

Jennifer Aniston has breakfast.

Jennifer Aniston has breakfast.@Jennifer Aniston

Objective: avoid technology and its mental effects early in the morning. According to Jennifer Aniston This is a practice he learned during the pandemic. He says: “I think this experience has allowed us to take stock of what’s really important in our lives.”. the protagonist of Friends says he is aware that it is necessary be condescending to ourselves and to our own bodies. Take care of us. And add for example: “I went to bed late last night, so I allowed myself some more sleep this morning.”

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