Unusual endometriosis in the anal canal has been reported in the literature

This is a rare manifestation of this gynecological disease.

Endometriosis is a disease in which the type of tissue that is similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus. Photo: American Journal of Case Reports.

The scientific literature recently reported an unusual and rare presentation of endometrial tissue in the anal canal of a 33-year-old woman.

This case contributes to the growing number of scientific reports that show that this condition, which affects more than 190 million women worldwide, may debut in a way that is not expected of the medical community and patients.

This is a patient with a history of episiotomy who was admitted to the emergency department due to perianal inflammation in the last year.

Swelling is associated with intermittent pain and difficulty passing stools, the case reported.

Examination revealed a palpable tender perianal mass extending to the anal sphincter in a clockwise direction for 11 hours. However, magnetic resonance imaging also showed a hemorrhagic mass of 3 × 4 cm in the right perianal area, which compresses and concave the right area of ​​the distal external sphincter, details of the case.

The mass was completely excised with a local perianal incision. Surgical pathology reveals a endometrioma isolated in the perianal area was revealed.

IN endometrioma Isolated perianal is a rare disease, with only 21 published cases. His diagnosis is difficult to establish and often requires a wide range of tests.

Laparoscopic or surgical intervention may be required in cases of endometriosis rectally for an accurate diagnosis. To diagnose endometrioma perianally, it is necessary to take a medical history.

IN endometriosisa common condition in women of reproductive age and infertile women, occurs when the endometrium extends beyond the uterus.

As this endometrial tissue grows and separates, symptoms will develop. The presentation varies depending on the site in question; however, pelvic pain is among the most common symptoms, along with bleeding and cramping.

In Puerto Rico, according to Dr. Idhaliz Floressenior scientist c endometriosisIt is estimated that there are about 15,000 women diagnosed with this disease, which can become disabling.

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