up to 20 there is time to vote

Since yesterday students, teachers, non-teachers and graduates vote to elect the next bodies of the National University of Comahu. Two lists were presented at the Medical School for voting: Management, Participation and Collective Health (GPS Medicine) and Renovation Medicine.

Voting began yesterday and will continue through the day today until 20, at the headquarters is the faculty on Toschi Street. They say “yesterday there was little turnout, but today it is normalizing”.

The election process will end this afternoon and the results of the voting will be known, which will determine who will win the second and will be the dean of the faculty.

The final vote count is expected to end at 21:00., the newsletter will announce the results, which will announce the list of winners. The new authorities are scheduled to take office on June 21st and 22nd.

The active register for voting in the medical school is 1918 students and 298 teachers, graduates can also come to participate in the voting.

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