what the gurus recommend to investors in Bitcoin and Ethereum

However, there are still things that can be done: “Buy long-term positionsAveraging costs is still something for those who still have money. But for the most part, this is one of those moments in the markets where it’s good not to do much“Cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere and sentiment can be quickly reversed.” But until that happens, things are expected to remain rather slow. “

„L.The biggest task for the investor right now is just to survive in this bear market.and if you can find some opportunities along the way to make some money, then even better. ”These opportunities lie in NFT cash, which still makes money with new copies, albeit less than before or sales of Symbols can still carry money, although most have His option, however, is to wait for better times: “You can relax,” concludes the analyst.

Not everything is lost. Despite the bearish sentiment in the crypto markets, Ethereum’s user base remains strong. Daily transactions on the network have exceeded one million, except for one day, since December 2020. Measuring daily transactions provides a simple and concise view of the overall load handled by the network.

The number of unique addresses continues to grow every month. There has been no delay in the number of new unique wallets since the first jump in December 2017. There are currently around 198 million unique wallets in Ethereum, an increase of 14.5 times as of December 7, 2017. Therefore, the only thing left is to resist and, of course, to take advantage of the fall.

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