When and how do I start preparing for the MIR exam if I fail?

Candidates for MIR 2022.

repeat MIR exam This is an option that you are considering 30 percent of the candidates. However, as predicted by the CTO’s academic director, Ferdinand Teresa, this percentage may fall to 20-25 points in this call due to a smaller number of applicants. In addition, in recent years, the outbreak of the pandemic and the retirement of doctors have caused increase the hiring of professionals, which has a significant impact on the number of “repeaters”. “This means that the opportunity to apply for the second time in MIR, even for those who already have a specialty, is reduced,” said Teresa in Medical writing.

For this second preparation, which the “repetitive” LEDs face, the academic director of the preparatory center assures that there is no ideal start date. However, the majority of applicants who graduate from the sixth year of medicine usually use nine months of part-time preparation, combining the MIR study with the last year of college, and another seven months of study focused one hundred percent on the exam. So, “The best thing is to be next to other competitors”.

Time for preparation of MIR repeaters

Having experience from the first training, one may think that these candidates do not need as much time as the doctors who are preparing for the first time. However, the CTO recommends that they undertake the study as soon as possible. “If they repeat, it’s because they want to they are trying to improve the position they have achievedin many cases, because they have not been able to choose the specialty they like, ”explains Teresa.

For this reason, the teacher continues, repeaters usually aim to be among the top 4,000 or 5,000. strong competition with regard to students leaving the faculties. There are about 15 percent of medical students with very high results, even more than 9, which are usually between 1000-1500 positions, “he said. The goal, he continues, is to try to compete for existence just after this contingent of studentsso, “the sooner they start, the better they will benefit from having prepared PEACE before.”

However, if the candidate is aware, before presenting himself at the LED, that he has not prepared well and that he wants to introduce himself on the next call, the ideal thing is to take one month break and start preparations between March and April.

On the other hand, the candidate who waits until the last minute to see if he can choose a position or not, is ideal to undertake this process between May and June. “At the CTO, we usually open two editions of our course redeem, one in April and one in June. This June is also a good time to start if you haven’t already. What we do not recommend is, except in exceptional personal situations, to do a very short preparation of three or four monthsbecause it does not guarantee that you can be in a situation of adequate competitiveness with others “, says the coach.

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