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The Cannabis Medicinal Río Negro (Ca.Me.RN) will offer a training cycle starting this Saturday, June 25, at Dr. Pedro Mogilanski Hospital in Chipoleti. The invitation is intended for health professionals and advanced students in the careers of medicine, psychology, psychopedagogy and others.

The president of the NGO Ca.Me.RN Fernanda Kanut expressed the importance of being able to offer these spaces where professionals can be educated, trained and discuss the use of cannabis. “We have a national law that allows us to study and train the various uses of cannabis in medicine. And that also allows us to cultivate, It is not insignificant to remember that we come from illegality, from pain and suffering, “Kanut said.

The training cycle will address various topics and disciplines for the therapeutic use of cannabis. The first meetings will be introductory, working on the cannabis plant and industrial hemp, its properties, the therapeutic uses that can be given to them and how it affects the body. The second module will consider the use of cannabis in specific pathologies.

To date, there are still free places to sign up for both personal and virtual modality via email infocamerionegro@gmail.com.

Kanut concluded by saying that “we must continue to build this road, providing places for training, knowledge and, above all, debate. As professionals, we must have the tools to accompany patients who decide to undergo medical treatment with cannabis.

Activities will continue until October. There will be this month the presentation of the book “Health and cannabis»Written by the main reference in the use of cannabis as a medicine, Marcelo Morans and psychiatrist Celeste Romero.

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