When the screen is medicine

There is a lot of talk about television with a tone of undermining, contempt or ridicule, but in many cases the small screen turns out to be a cure, either when a charitable goal is achieved through it, or simply by offering a work environment to someone who requires professional development. in the process, calm your spirit and smile again.

Such is the case with Pas Rubio, from Monday, May 30, the new co-host of local television news as co-host of Santiago Elizondo, like her from Urdampileta, in a period of modernization of the classical format since coming out live and receiving more than ever so far elements from an informative magazine.

Pass overcame breast cancer in 2021 and the offer to join the Bolivar TV team was one of her main meals during the difficult journey she had to go through, most of the time in La Plata, accompanied by her mother, while the rest of the family ‘tolerates it’ from here. Today, the teacher, who is also a teacher, smiles happily because, as we will see later, she has always dreamed of working on television and radio, since she was a child, playing with microphones she invented instead of dolls. So much so that she was trained as a professional announcer by ISER, something that almost no one in Bolivar can show as professional accreditation.

Elizondo himself invited her to join the team, which from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 12:00 and live, produces and broadcasts the news program of Bolivarian TV Bolívar AM (repeated at 13:00 and afternoon). of the aforementioned Elizondo with Marcelo Javier “Tin” Alonso and Evelyn Peret as field journalists, Cesar Antonio Galego Perez Perez as cameraman, Juan Christian Vicente as editor and CEO Ariel Navarrete.

It was early 2021 when Pass wanted but couldn’t; I was dreaming, but it was still night.

“My role is as a co-host, to be able to share what I like the most. I was already driving on the radio, but at this point I was a little bored. This place offers me a two-way trip, which excites me, “Rubio told the newspaper. Her arrival on the channel can be read as a logical step in her career in the media, given that in 2014, recently received as a national operator by ISER, this was the first place she went to look for work. “I wanted to be there, but then it didn’t happen, and I joined Ledesma for a while to dedicate myself to teaching later,” he recalls.

So until the beginning of 2021, when she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and moved to La Plata to undergo strict treatment, including radiation and chemotherapy. In those days, he received a call from Elizondo to join the new format of the news program, which would begin broadcasting live for the first time in its history dating back to the early 1980s. “It was super motivating, I wanted to recover to say yes. From time to time I said to him, “Santi, we’re still in a relationship, huh.” This illusion helped me a lot, it was a medicine because it motivates me to stand up and hope for something other than the love of my family and my affection, ”said Pass.

For the rest, the type of product they air also suits them as a slightly tailored suit, as it avoids sensation, sensation and banal disputes, resources with dubious legitimacy, so much in vogue in today’s media, where at times it seems that if a participant does not shout or directly insult another, the program in question is aimed at failure. “I like to accompany people, to bring them a message that helps them,” the former Red 93 radio worker told La Plata, where she attended “Lonely People” at night as a member of the production team. who were called from prisons and psychiatric hospitals and then aired in a program format related to the famous “I’m Listening to You” by Louise Delfino, which the local of Urdampilet fondly remembers. Of course, my dear reader, our interviewee is not called Paz to go to war. “I like television that focuses on education and culture,” added Rubio, whose mother is a teacher and inherited her passion for education.

It is not in his interest to withdraw the reply, to investigate or interview, but to participate in any case; She is not the typical media woman who keeps up with the news, her worries go through other axes. In fact, during his illness, he stopped consuming news (other than things he liked) to “no longer intoxicate” his body, but instead focused on the spiritual. “I communicated with planning orientation. I started the race in Henderson’s Expansion at a time when there was no media, and I finished it in La Plata, “he recalls. They didn’t train her to be a journalist, but in her academic career, they put us in journalism subjects, as if to “negotiate” with planning. In the same way, I don’t feel like a journalist, that’s why there are other people in Bolivar; I feel crazy, which is the race I did in ISER, and it’s still what I like the most and what interests me. ” In other words, speaking and conducting are the guiding principles of the high school communications teacher, who grew up in a family with strong Catholic roots and knew from a very early age to develop a faith that would ultimately be very useful to her in the most -the most difficult moment in her life. life. A bitter drink that no longer burns her. Today, Pass is calm, happily restored, and with a new job, not just any job, but the one she dreamed of on those sunny afternoons with sticks and canes that weren’t for her dolls.

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