Why do I wake up before the alarm? These are the health consequences

Many people wake up from a deep sleep with the alarm, which, unfortunately, indicates the beginning of a new working day. Many others, on the other hand, wake up inexplicably before for this to happen and they have no choice but to wait for the bell to ring, to have, yes, to get out of bed.

A lesser known form of insomnia

Several studies, summarized in a review compiled by the United States National Institutes of Health, estimated that worldwide 10% to 30% of adults suffers from insomnia, which consists of both difficulty falling asleep at bedtime and difficulty falling asleep after waking up at night.

In fact, many people with insomnia, as documented in a study by the Center for Sleep Epidemiology at Stanford University, suffer from insomnia in the form of early awakeningsand even without presenting other symptoms such as poor sleep quality or difficulty starting sleep.

In many cases, insomnia results from a stressful life circumstances, such as trauma, work, financial problems or relationship problems. People with insomnia often think about thoughts related to these circumstances when they need to sleep.

The origin of insomnia and how to deal with it

insomnia can lead to poor sleep quality and insufficient rest, which has consequences such as increased cardiovascular risk or occupational or road accidents. That’s why it’s important to stop it.

As we have said, it is common for it to have its cause in events that happen to the patient, added to their psychological treatment. Thus, act on these mechanisms (usually with psychotherapy or even pharmacological treatments if there is an underlying disorder that justifies it) usually achieves improvement in this aspect.

Creating regular routines can help you sleep better.

On a more immediate level, there other measures that can helpas recommended by an article in the American media CNN Health.

For example, it is recommended resist the urge to look at the weather on waking, as this can increase stress and worsen the problem. In addition, if we get used to it, we generate a “habit” so that our body is automatically stressed in such situations.

Another tip is Get out of bed and do another activity. Although it may seem paradoxical, it eliminates the stress of going back to sleep. In addition, if we get out of bed, we will be able to strengthen its connection only with sleep, which will help us fall asleep on future occasions.

In the end, it can help indicate the conditions and circumstances in which we have managed to sleep better and worse in order to find those things that make it difficult for us to rest.



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