Why is preventive medicine not chosen in MIR?

In the selection of MIR in this 2022, a total of eight positions in the specialty “Preventive Medicine and Public Health” remained vacant, and the last vacancy was assigned to a doctor with order number 9912. Year after year Preventiva repeats as one of the last sold out specialties.

In this context, the Spanish Society for Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Health Management (Sempspgs) wanted to emphasize the importance of this specialty, which is constituted as a “hinge between the tasks of public health performed by different specialists”. “The specialist in preventive medicine connects the epidemiology and preventive activities of the hospital and the hospital and society. And health is a cross-cutting element in our society, so it cannot be taken to hospitals or certain areas. That is why the community must become more and more involved in the care system and the biodiversity of care must be greater in order to be of high quality and effective, ”the Society defends.

This is one of the conclusions of the discussion table held in Intergovernmental Conference in Girona 2022 in which, among other lecturers, the Permanent Doctor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the Reina Sofía Hospital in Córdoba, Dr. Maria del Carmen Aguilar Romero.

In this sense, MIR reminds that in recent years we have undergone great changes, some predicted that even the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic would change the world order in some way; the pandemic seemed to be a clear sign that we could not continue on this path. The destruction of ecosystems, which increases risk of zoonoses and pandemicsClimate change, globalization, growing inequality, marginalized migration movements … All of these have a serious impact on the health of the population. ”

“In my hospital, two out of three future patients have been rejected. The reasons are different and we need to analyze them. “

Dr Aguilar continued, stressing that the “pandemic made us stop and rethink the change of direction, there was a phrase that condenses this hope:” We will get out of this better. ” In this sense “ The specialty of preventive medicine has emerged strengthened with a large increase in places and with recognition and a promising future. The COVAX platform was created to generate a fair distribution of vaccines. But the latter was a failure, and inequalities in vaccine distribution continued to generate new options. And while it seems true that “No one is safe if we are not all safe,” as Xavi Padilla and Pedro Gulon’s book Epidemiocracy call it, the “everyone for yourself” maxim continues to prevail. Just as hopes for change were dashed, this seems to be our specialty. This year we suffered a a significant number of vacancies and vacancies. At my hospital, they rejected the square two out of three of the future residents. There are several reasons and we need to analyze them, “MIR said.

And it is that in a world “where preventive medicine and public health seem to have a clear value, where we see that health is one – One health – future medical professionals are concerned about not putting health at stake. part and that in general nor our specialty is recognized for access to these public health posts“Furthermore,” in the field of hospital prevention there are differences in teaching between different hospitals and despite the influence of the one health approach, there is little use of the concept in multidrug-resistant studies, there is an overlap of functions with other specialties and the portfolio of services between hospitals’.

“We are in a time of crisis we need to stop and think about why our specialty is not chosen. There is a need to recognize the importance of prevention, promotion and education for health, to tackle the economic and resettlement difficulties of MIR. That specialists are integrated into multidisciplinary teams and that our specialty is recognized in positions in public health, “concludes Sempspgs.

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