why study medicine by streaming

Ana Blanca Aguaviva he is a fifth grader Medicine, but combines his daily routine with creating content on his YouTube and Twitch channels. One of his main assets in this latest social network is to learn from more than 53,345 followers forming together a “virtual” library.

“In November 2019, I started seeing it in other Twitch accounts and I thought it was wonderful,” Aguaviva told Medical writingadmitting that before he started making them for Twitch, he signed up to study and uploaded the two-hour video to YouTube. “I’m calmer than studying in a library and I feel accompanied by more people whose goal is the same, ”she admits. For the student this method of teaching “Forces you to concentrate more” feeling “watched by so many people and having group pressure “.

Anna Blanca: “Learning on Twitch with more people generates group pressure and makes me concentrate more”

In addition, the student confirms that she will continue to promote her work on the Internet, showing it every day, but also focuses on “medical distribution” for the future, because, as she herself confirms, 40 percent of her followers are students in the field .sanitary.

However, Aguaviva admits that the biggest increase in her training videos occurred during the pandemic. “There was a very big boom in visits in 2020,” he said. Shared opinion from the psychologist Jesus Linares, from the College of Psychologists in Madrid. For Linares the exposure of visits in this type of video is related to the Covid-19 pandemicbecause “by not being able to study in a company, as it has been known so far, alternatives have been developed.”

Twitch Group Study: Does It Help Improve Productivity?

As to why these types of records work so well, Linares acknowledges that they generate a “context called control stimulate where it is more favorable for a behavior to occur, in this case learning ”. “It’s similar to what happens in a library, if we have a pressured environment in the office, it’s harder to have distractions,” he added.

“Somehow it’s a kind of reaction in which watching a video of a person who is studying and we don’t, it can create a situation of discomfort that we avoid by studying ourselves,” admits the psychologist. “If you study in a space where you are observed and free from distractions, This will help you improve your performance.he confirms, pointing out that it is vital “to feel accompanied by a common goal and that in many cases you are comforted that other people are using the same strategy”.

Finally, Linares emphasizes that “there are no magic recipes” in the study, and while the methods used do not generate “guilt or anxiety” they are just as effective.

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