Xunta promotes improving the well-being of companies

The Institute for Health and Safety at Work in Galicia (Issga) held a new technical training today, this time focusing on the company’s mental health management, aimed mainly at occupational risk prevention technicians and managers, team managers and other related professionals. occupational health, in which the Director General of Labor Relations Elena Mancha pointed out that the effective management of psychosocial risks in companies contributes to creating a healthy work environment and improving occupational well-being, which is key to managing the mental health of working people.

Mancha stressed the importance of taking care of workers’ mental health in order to protect their health and achieve committed, motivated and sustainable staff, which is happening, secondly, “taking into account their ability to adapt, helping them to overcome difficulties that can have a negative effect on their mental and emotional well-being.

The webinar, which was attended by more than 150 people, also addressed the need to implement tools that contribute to the mental health of working people so that they learn to manage aspects such as anxiety or stress, especially in crisis situations and in Thus, he pointed out that a healthy company program must integrate all areas of health: physical, mental and social. “In order to achieve good workplace health management, two forms of action must be dynamic, simultaneous and complementary: the reduction of risk factors and the development of physical, mental and social well-being,” he added.

In conclusion, he confirmed that it is a combination of activities to promote health culture, continuous improvement of working conditions and promotion of individual well-being of workers, with the maximum active participation of the whole organization.

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